I Want To Be A Balloon Salesman

As I delve more into writing and subsequently into sharing my writing, I think it’d be a disservice to not share the people who inspire me. Thus, the title of this post comes from the poem “Cancer? I Thought I Was A Gemini” by Brenna Twohy, who has an incredible capacity to make me laugh and cry between one breath and the next. While I think her work is so much lovelier experienced with her delivery rather than read alone, the lines from the title are:

Become a balloon salesman
so everyone you meet looks to the sky and smiles


I want to be a balloon salesman
I want to know what it’s like to let things go that easily

I can only dream of my words possessing the same quiet beauty as hers one day. Though I’m uninterested in making everyone smile, I think it’s a nice sentiment–to have your happiness be so influenced by making others happy. I’m no balloon salesman, but maybe I could use a bit more of that spirit in me. Maybe we all could. -L


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