On Focus and Panic

As my senior year of high school blinks by I’ve found that I’m overwhelmed by the dozens of small things that I have to do, thus resulting in me putting absolutely everything off.

Yesterday was the worst of it. I couldn’t focus on anything for more than a handful of minutes and ended up starting (and abandoning) about eight different things. Among those things were:

  • applying for a scholarship (for the second time)
  • writing up interview questions (then getting intimidated and stopping)
  • editing an article (before getting distracted)
  • and researching publishing presses (instead of finishing any of the aforementioned)

On top of that, preview day for college is April 11th. I’m meeting my roommate there for the first time and I think my subconscious is panicking. The other day I freaked out about what to wear, ordered a dress online, and knew literally seconds after purchasing it that it wouldn’t get to me on time. The expected date of delivery is April 14th and alas, I shall own yet another black dress–a thing that I definitely need, or so my closet full of black dresses tells me. While we’re on the topic of clothing being late, I’m possibly the only senior at my school who still hasn’t ordered her cap and gown. I’m a real life, 21st century, first world mess.

About the only things that I actually completed yesterday were setting up a Facebook page for Teenplicity and creating the playlist below. It was specifically made to calm people down if they feel even half as frenzied as I do. I hope that while listening you’ll think only of still days and ocean waves. -L

Photo Credit: [x]

serene brutality | a calming mix

atlas hands by benjamin francis leftwich /  seaside by the kooks / boats and birds by gregory and the hawk / broadripple is burning by margot & the nuclear so and so’s / the devil’s tears by angus & julia stone / smother by daughter / bitter and sick by one two / flesh and bone by keaton henson


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