Thrift Store Typerwriter Adventures

Two days ago I browsed through a thrift store with a friend and he found this typewriter near the pianos. I wanted to buy it then but it’s pretty heavy and as much as I like to pretend that I’m big and strong, I am neither (not physically, at least). After one failed attempt to go back and buy it–I came 8 minutes after closing time and the doors were locked–I finally went first thing this morning and bought it. A lady saw my sister and I leaving with it and sounded very excited that I bought “the hippy typewriter.”

The typewriter was filthy when I got it so I blasted it with some dust cleaner for a while. It’s still kind of dirty but nevertheless usable. I thought maybe it’d be broken and I that I spent ten dollars for something that’d just get thrown in the attic. Thankfully, it seems to work just fine. The ribbon is mostly dried up but I still had way more fun than I’m willing to admit using up the residual ink and just listening to the rhythmic tapping of the keys.

I can’t figure out what model it is because the previous owner painted all over it. I think I like it better that way, though. “Live life like every day is your last!” is painted on the top and “to be in love is to truly live” is painted on the removable part. In the first photo below, you can just barely see the name “Christy” painted onto it, too. Thank you, Christy, whoever you are.

I’ve already ordered a package of new ribbons, which means more typewriter madness to come soon. I can already imagine the bemused look of my future roommate when I arrive at college lugging this huge thing. -L

All photos are mine.


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